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Hidden health
Design Changes 2012
Minimal invasive instruments
Design Changes 2012
Remote Comforting
Design Changes 2012
Seducing people to play
Design Changes 2012
Train toilet
Design Changes 2012
Ultra-light urban mobility
Design Changes 2012
Mobile landscape
Design Changes 2012
3D printed saxophone mouthpieces
Design Changes 2012
Future Office Lighting
Design Changes 2012
Gather complex data, simply
Design Changes 2012
Managing product usability
Design Changes 2012
Smart Chair
Design Changes 2012
Designing for Maintenance
Design Changes Design 2013
Judging Without Words
Design Changes Design 2013
Moving in Unison
Design Changes Design 2013
Moving Sketches
Design Changes Design 2013
Revive the Past to Envision the Future
Design Changes Design 2013
Virtual Design
Design Changes Design 2013
What Do You Mean, 'Nice'?
Design Changes Design 2013
Concept House
Design Changes Design 2013
Don't Wait Till It's Finished
Design Changes Design 2013
Play and Move
Design Changes Design 2013
Bedtime Stories
Design Changes Design 2013
Tactile Dialogues
Design Changes Design 2013
Can you feel it?
Design Changes Design 2013
Active Cues
Design Changes Design 2013
Smell Memory Kit
Design Changes Design 2013
Massage Using Air
Design Changes Design 2013
Now You See Me
Design Changes Design 2013
Subtle Technology
Design Changes Design 2013
What Remains?
Design Changes Design 2013
3D printed Ears
Mind the Step 2014
Child-friendly treatment room
Mind the Step 2014
Ambulance Drone
Mind the Step 2014
Mind the Step 2014
Mind the Step 2014
Mind the Step 2014
Comforting Scents
Mind the Step 2014
Mind the Step 2014
Crystal Cabin Award
Mind the Step 2014
Designed to Fit
Mind the Step 2014
Dialling in the time
Discover Area
Edible Growth
Mind the Step 2014
Entrée. Paying for public transport
Mind the Step 2014
Expressive Products
Mind the Step 2014
Freeform surface interfaces
Mind the Step 2014
From sugar to water
Mind the Step 2014
Mind the Step 2014
Haptic Beats
Mind the Step 2014
Head Up Games
Mind the Step 2014
HiPP: BioCoach
Mind the Step 2014
Facilitate Teamwork
Mind the Step 2014
HiPP: Highly individualized Patient Projects
Mind the Step 2014
Infento Robotics
Interactive sound - scapes for sleeping and waking-up rituals
Mind the Step 2014
Mind the Step 2014
Mind the Step 2014
Light. Touch. Matters
Mind the Step 2014
Mind the Step 2014
Pop Glass
Mind the Step 2014
Reinvent the Toilet
Mind the Step 2014
Relax chair for aircraft seats
Mind the Step 2014
Saxophone mouthpieces from the 3D printer
Mind the Step 2014
Mind the Step 2014
Smart phone chair
Mind the Step 2014
Tactile Dialogue
Mind the Step 2014
Textile from the 3D printer
Mind the Step 2014
The Expansive Hospital
This fits me
Mind the Step 2014
Mind the Step 2014
Well Be
3D Hand Scanner
Opens a world of possibilities
3D-Printing Soft Robots
Soft stimulation for new humanrobot interaction
Industrial drones with high-tech control software
Baby Comfort Class
Relaxing with babies in an aeroplane
Smart T-shirt to prevent lower back pain
3D-dress to impress
A biological look inside your body
Bionics for Healthcare
Home rehabilitation with the best clinical support
Sleep apnoea mapped out noninvasively
Challenging, guiding and having fun while running
Cockpit V20 solar racer
First hydrofoil solar racers built in series
Custom fit parametric bra
A 3D body scan as the basis for the made-to-measure bra
Let your body feel what to do and where to go
Frugal Thermometer
Adapted to suit the situation, a simple thermometer for Africa
Introducing your homeland to your home abroad
Ghost, Generic Highly Organic Shapechanging inTerfaces
Products that adapt or should we adapt?
HeadRest: Design of an adjustable headrest
Leaning sideways and isolating yourself during flights
Healthcare Environment & Activity Design (HEAD) game
Play together, build together
Hybrid Design Tools: Ideation Lab
The experience of making combines the best of two worlds
Ikea concept kitchen 2025
A wonder of ingenuity, a wonder to behold
Interactive dress amplifies body language and self-confidence
Clothing patterns that ‘tell’ the story of your life
Light Lapse
The light of my day
Feels intuitive, light and sensitive
Robot treadmill trainer gets the most immobile patients moving
Smart washstand holds a mirror up to us
Endowing daily activities with structure using coloured light
Nature-Inspired Breaks
Refreshment and flow at work
A rhythmic celebration of recognition
Phio (Physical Input Output)
Tangibly exceed the flat experience of an app
Positive Design Principles
What is going on with your positive emotions?
Any day, any place, any music
Sensitive robotics in an energyefficient leg prosthetic
Rhombotic Flux
The influence of new technologies on the bodily expression of fashion
Who runs what, why, when and how?
Script Hand Orthosis
‘Handy’ rehabilitation robotics for multi-functional use
Sense Math
Blind children master mathematics
Smart Rehabilitation Garment for Posture Monitoring
Smart attire for correct posture
New walking experience for people with lower leg prosthetics
The negotiator between people and the self-driving car
STORM Eindhoven
Around the world in 80 days using electricity
The art of attentive observation
Textales Roodkapje Edition
Dance with a digital Little Red Riding Hood in a textile fairy-tale world
Toward transparent intelligence
Really, how intelligent is your smart product?
Unaware objects
An unaware long-term interaction with design-products
Value Added Repair
Better than new: repairs with 3D printed spare parts
The smaller, the better!
3D hand scanner 2.0
Know what’s going on in a second
3D-printed mannequin Tom Dumoulin
Cyclist’s jersey for when every
millisecond counts
A Drop of Light
Under mother’s light umbrella
AWE Goosebumps
Fantastic! This invention has given me goosebumps!
Wow, you’re in good shape!
Bio-based pedestrian bridge
Maybe the most important buzz of the moment
Beatlash - Bringing electronic music back to the social domain
Electronic jamming? It's possible!
Branching Out
Seeing the woods through illuminated trees
The c’Artboard: analogue VR for a magic museum visit
Magic moments in the museum
Would you please take the bicycle lights to the recycling dispenser, honey?
Computational design and fabrication of customized wetsuit
Suited and booted
The first wearable camera
The best of two worlds captured in one image
Customized 3D-printed Jigs for Bone Surgery
Operating on bones with millimetre accuracy
Disrupting Clocks
‘Awake’ clocks protest against our timeless society
E-Health for Children
‘Doctor, can I ask you a question?’
Ephemerae: Digital Fabric
Never a dull fashion moment!
Epic – Expression, Performance, Identity & Control
‘You look hot, in that outfit!’
Finances at a Glance
How much money are you left with at the end of the month?
Time flies when you have a smartphone
Robots as Musicians: Giorgio
That stage animal there, that’s a robot!
Haptic Engine
See how this interaction feels!
A haptic, shape-changing interface for intelligent thermostat
A thermostat you start to have feelings for.
Flowers for life
A multi-functional blanket for premature babies
IoT Sandbox
Sandpit-size living laboratory
Functional green-water-light interaction
Get up and walk!
Misc. Magic Toys
Charming wooden toy with enchanting, interactive packaging
Posturise – A smart garment to improve your posture
Poor posture!
PusH: Towards Affective Haptic Interactions
For a richer experience with everyday products
Mood-based online music selection
SCompac – Smart Rollator
Finally in charge of your own wheels
Smart workwear
‘My shirt says I should take it easy just now, boss!’
Smartframe – exhibition for 3D printed reproductions
How does a Van Gogh feel?
If the shoe fits…
Goodnight, cuddly sleep robot!
Insulation and heat storage in a single porous 3D cladding system
Taking part = Growing!
Playing and being together as a medicine for difficult times
The Connected in Everyday
Why complex if harmonious is possible too?
The Domestic Drone
Flying help around the home
The Labyrinth
Labyrinth gets people moving for fun
Totem Pop
In charge of your medical details
Virtual Nature
Enjoying a bit of outdoors indoors together
What does a game console look like in the circular economy?
You, Me and the Object
The user as a designer and his own experience
Comfort and Bonding
Design and Emotion
Thought Leaders Sessions of Design & Emotion 2016, made possible by Design United
Design Changes 2012
Design Changes Design 2013
Design for Usability
Inventory Safety
Design Research & Innovation Festival DRIVE.
Inventory Mobility
Design Research & Innovation Festival DRIVE
Inventory Health
Design Research & Innovation Festival DRIVE
Inventory Circular & Biobased Building
Design Research & Innovation Festival DRIVE
Inventory Water
Design Research & Innovation Festival DRIVE
Grey but Mobile
Mind the Step 2014
Mind the Step 2015
Mind the Step 2016
Networked innovation
PSS 101