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Age-Fi : Age Fiction(s) Investigations

Global healthcare systems are facing challenges in providing quality healthcare to an ageing population with complex care need, as populations are ageing globally at a fast pace. New or emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence or socially assistive robots, provide opportunities to support older adults to age well at home. However moving beyond technology push, requires addressing people experiences and social embedding including formal and (in)formal caregivers. While appealing to a degree, ageing in place also comes with genuine physical, mental, and social challenges. Can technology mitigate some of these challenges and, if so, how?

Instead of proposing solutions, the project becomes a means for reflection: how aware are we of choices in terms of technological developments that will affect our future selves? How can we use scenarios to spark discussions and explore desirable futures? Moreover, on a meta-level, how can an artist’s eye transform and translate the researchers’ thoughts through the use of advanced technological methods into short, approachable and recognizable narratives?

Through the interaction with the installation, the researchers invite the public of the DDW to explore different scenarios and reflect on their wishes and desires for their ageing futures. After the interaction, the participants can share their reflection on the theme and contribute to the installation by sharing their own perspectives, sharing thoughts that will become part of the installation themselves.

“What is your dream for living your life with technology as you age?”
Francesca Toso