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A game to build our future

Our cities keep evolving to meet the needs (of some) of its residents. To address this, urban technologies are often implemented to create this new and improved city vision. However, the city-making process also involves a multitude of perspectives that need to be accommodated.

We want better and improved cities, but what do these cities look like? Every citizen, company owner, policy maker, and researcher has a different vision for their ideal city. Creating the space for different visions also allows us to question which urban aspects we want to preserve in our future city, and which elements we want to change.

In order to create a discussion space for the multitude of perspectives of living in our cities, we designed a multiplayer serious game : NewEarth.

In the game, stakeholders take on the different roles involved in city-making. NewEarth takes players on a journey towards a new planet, in which they can build a new city in which they all want to live . Along the way, each player has to present their vision of the city they want to inhabit while negotiating with other players to accommodate their needs.

NewEarth is the result of a mixed research process that included interviews with experts from different smart city initiatives along with literature research from different fields.

This project supports the discussions happening in city-making initiatives by embracing the multitude of perspectives living in the city. Even though different ideas can be explored while playing NewEarth, this game is not designed for use as a decision-making tool, but rather to foster reflection and inform decision-makers.  What kind of city do YOU want to live in?

“Embracing the diversity of perspectives is discovering new ways of inhabiting the same space.”
Estefanía Morás Jiménez


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