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Aeon: Take Back Control [over Personal Data]

With the European GDPR, citizens have a say in their data. Yet, few organisations have well-thought-through, accessible processes to help citizens achieve this. Aeon makes it easy and accessible to exercise your online data rights. It fetches your data automatically and gives powerful insights and tools for you to take control of your data.

“Aeon makes it easy and accessible to exercise your online data rights.”
Lei Nelissen

With the Open Data Rights API, organisations can adapt Aeon as an interface for all data rights enquiries. This makes data rights processes more compliant and easier to automate.

As data access is a sensitive procedure, the details of a user experience matter. Yet, those details are often lost between technology, design, legislation, and commercial interests. 

With Aeon, we have created a new, powerful pattern: solid, modular and re-usable user experience patterns for compliance processes. This provides recognisable, user-friendly interfaces for compliance processes, such as data rights, consent, cookies, and automated decision-making.