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TUR: Closest thing to teleport

With 25% of all deliveries failing on the first attempt in the Netherlands, arranging the perfect time and location to make a delivery is a costly activity for both carriers and customers. Parcel lockers/service points are a proven solution, automating this exchange without the need for the simultaneous presence of both parties. Carriers have been the only stakeholder to invest high sums in building this infrastructure. However, it will take a decade of growing locker use to see a return on investment, so there is an urgent need to create awareness and use of lockers by private customers. Our research reveals three main components behind the lack of adoption of lockers by apartments, households, and offices (private customers).

“It is incredible how much time and effort organising deliveries is saved by simply having a parcel locker.”
Edgars Treimanis

TUR (Latvian for “there”, German for “Door”) is a universal modular private parcel locker that, through the use of interchangeable and adaptive compartments, enables automated and pro-active logistics.

Flexible shelving allows compartments to be shared between members of the locker or extended for larger packages. If sharing is enabled, space left in the reserved or used compartment can potentially be used for additional delivery or pick-ups. Furthermore, becoming a reliable touchpoint. It allows Tagad (the client) to automatically redirect, predict and timely inform carriers when and where to send the package.

The design process is based on an existing benchmark introduced by Amazon, Cleveron, KEBA and Swipbox. In the project, we deconstructed parcel lockers to each tiniest detail, analysing the interaction flows, and using experiential prototypes to co-create solutions with city planners and other stakeholders. 

We have created the first adaptive parcel locker, together with a client, Tagad. Most logistics happen reactively; any problem with a parcel is only resolved once it has occurred. 

“This is an incredibly intuitive interaction. Not to mention not having to memorise any PIN codes.”
Edgars Treimanis

Private parcel lockers provide reliable and automated touchpoints, a move towards proactive logistics. By collecting (anonymous) data and knowing the delivery locations and time preferences of locker users, we provide a flexible means of delivery and quick pick-up times. This greatly reduces kilometres driven and (extra) resource costs.

Sharing locker space and being able to seamlessly receive and send packages motivates users to exchange physical items. The modularity and elegant interaction allow lockers to be set up at significantly lower costs and be neatly integrated into more locations.

“The modularity, discreetness and vertical footprint offers new ways of integrating parcel lockers in our daily space.”
Edgars Treimanis