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join Design United at Dutch Design Week 2023

join Design United at Dutch Design Week 2023 October 21-29

Dutch Design Week 23

DRIVE Festival

DRIVE is back! From October 23 to 27, we are back for inspiring talks (DRIVE Live) and cool work sessions (DRIVE Works) during Dutch Design Week. 

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Soft Circuits Toolkit
Many designers find it difficult to prototype air-driven soft robotic devices as this requires access to specialty fabrication equipment and materials, as well as a knowledge of pneumatics, How can we help designers move forward with soft robotics?
Age-Fi : Age Fiction(s) Investigations
Global healthcare systems are facing challenges in providing quality healthcare to an ageing population with complex care need, as populations are ageing globally at a fast pace. New or emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence or social
Negotiating with the Garden
The project introduces a concrete example using tangible technologies in which humans and nonhumans interact to share time, space, and material.
The PROBE project "Soiled" looks at ontological, temporal, and material relations we form with soil.