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Affective Foreteller

How will we experience Machine Learning forecasts of our moods?

Affective Foreteller is a speculative design project which specifically questions the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. This is especially relevant when the day comes that Machine Learning algorithms can forecast human moods based on personal data. How will we perceive a sentient machine, and how will this artificial forecast of our future mood affect our self-perception?

β€œIt’s basically a snapchat filter that shows your future self.”
Tianyi Chen

Innovative technologies are reshaping our living environment, behaviour and values. They have become our new nature, in which we explore and evolve. The materials with which we interact have gone beyond natural to artificial, both in physical and digital forms. Our personal data is extracted from us and manipulated to generate new findings.

While this project does not provide a definite answer to how we can coexist with the effects of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, it stimulates the discussion on this entangled ecology of humans and non-humans.


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    Tianyi Chen
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    Sara Colombo (Supervisor)

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