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DeSIRE Tenure Trackers

Nazli Aydin
Modeling and governance for the response to large-scale disruptions (TUD)
Samantha Copeland
Ethics of Technology (TUD)
João Cortesão
Designing resilient urban climates (WUR)
Mitrofan Curti
Electromagnetic energy conversion for a more resilient society (TU/e)
Claudia Fecarotti
Resilient asset management and maintenance (TU/e)
Claudiu Forgaci
Resilience by urban transformation (TUD)
Laura Genga
Resilient Business Information Systems (TU/e)
Rolands Kromanis
Monitoring the resilience of artificial and natural infrastructure in cities and urbanized deltas (UT)
Juan Pablo Aguilar Lopez
Flood Resilience (TUD)
Ahmadreza Marandi
Resilient supply chains (TU/e)
Florence Metz
Governing Resilience of the RURBAN Metropolis (UT)
Elisa Perrone
Statistical models and methods for resilience engineering (TU/e)
Wieke Pot
Governance of social-ecological-technical systems for improving resilience (WUR)
Alex Stefanov
Cyber-physical energy system resiliency (TUD)
George van Voorn
Operational Measures for the Assessment of Resilience and Sustainability of CAS (WUR)

DeSIRE Postdocs

Carissa Champlin
Project Leader SURF Urban Resilience
Raphael Klein
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Akke Kok
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Omar Kammouh
Post Doctoral researcher
Prateek Negi
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Zac Taylor
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Els Weinans
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme

Associated Scientists

Jeremy Bricker
Associate Professor (TUD)
Remco Dijkman
Associate Professor (TU/e)
Aaron Ding
Assistant Professor (TUD) , Adjunct Professor (University of Helsinki)
Neelke Doorn
Full Professor (TUD)
Giorgia Giardina
Assistant Professor (TUD)
Bas Kemp
Professor Adaptation Physiology (WUR)
Sanda Lenzholzer
Full professor (WUR)
Maria Nogal Macho
Assistant Professor (TUD)
Debraj Roy
Assistant Professor (UT)
David Smeulders
Professor Energy Technology (TU/e) - Scientific Director 4TU RE
Trivik Verma
Assistant Professor (TUD)
Mingshu Wang
Assistant Professor (UT)