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Nazli Aydin
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Modeling and governance for the response to large-scale disruptions (TUD)
Camilo Benitez
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme - Research lead 4TU.RE Academy
Jeremy Bricker
Associated DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Associate Professor (TUD)
Leonardo Duarte Campos
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Carissa Champlin
Associated DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Assistant Professor of Participatory Design within the TU Delft Climate Action Programme
Samantha Copeland
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Ethics of Technology (TUD)
João Cortesão
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Designing resilient urban climates (WUR)
Mitrofan Curti
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Electromagnetic energy conversion for a more resilient society (TU/e)
Remco Dijkman
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker Host - Associate Professor (TU/e)
Aaron Ding
Associated DeSIRE Scholar - Associate Professor (TUD), Associate Professor (University of Helsinki)
Neelke Doorn
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker Host - Full Professor (TUD)
Yue Dou
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Resilience of land use change and food systems
Robbin Jan van Duijne
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Claudia Fecarotti
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Resilient asset management and maintenance (TU/e)
Hubert Fonteijn
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Claudiu Forgaci
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Resilience by urban transformation (TUD)
Laura Genga
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Resilient Business Information Systems (TU/e)
Giorgia Giardina
Associated DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Assistant Professor (TUD)
Johanna Hedlund
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Omar Kammouh
Associated DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Infrastructure resilience and optimization (TUD)
Bas Kemp
Post-doc Supervisor - Professor Adaptation Physiology (WUR)
Akke Kok
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Rolands Kromanis
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Monitoring the resilience of artificial and natural infrastructure in cities and urbanized deltas (UT)
Sanda Lenzholzer
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker Host - Full Professor (WUR)
Juan Pablo Aguilar Lopez
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Flood Resilience (TUD)
Maria Nogal
Associated DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Assistant Professor
Ahmadreza Marandi
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Resilient supply chains (TU/e)
Florence Metz
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Governing Resilience of the RURBAN Metropolis (UT)
Prateek Negi
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Hieu Ngo
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Erwin Nugraha
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Elisa Perrone
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Statistical models and methods for resilience engineering (TU/e)
Pim Post
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Wieke Pot
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Assistent professor Governance of social-ecological-technical systems for improving resilience (WUR)
Thomas Slijper
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
David Smeulders
Professor Energy Technology (TU/e) - Scientific Director 4TU RE
Martijn van Staveren
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Alex Stefanov
DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Cyber-physical energy system resiliency (TUD)
Zac Taylor
DeSIRE Affiliated Researcher
Aleid Teeuwen
DeSIRE PhD - PhD candidate at Natural Resources dept., Faculty for Earth Observation and Geo-Information Sciences (UT)
Karina Vink
Postdoctoral Researcher Urban Sustainability and Green Infrastructure
George van Voorn
Post-doc Supervisor - Operational Measures for the Assessment of Resilience and Sustainability of CAS (WUR)
Athanasios Votsis
Associated DeSIRE Tenure Tracker
Mingshu Wang
Associated DeSIRE Tenure Tracker - Associate Professor at the School of Geographical & Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow, UK
Els Weinans
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme
Lara Wöhler
Post-doc DeSIRE Programme