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Hubert Fonteijn

My current research focuses on evaluating resilience in artificial food systems, mainly using Agent-based modelling. After my MSc in Applied Physics, my doctoral research focused on developing statistical methods to study connectivity of the human brain. After two post-doctoral positions (at UCL in London and the MPI for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen) I moved out of science to take up positions as a risk manager in a financial start-up and then as a financial risk management consultant for a number of Benelux financial institutions.

Two years ago, I returned to science at Wageningen University and Research, where I work as a contract researcher on several projects with a diverse set of commercial and non-profit stakeholders. Besides the food systems work that I am pursuing within the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering, I am involved in projects using Machine Learning methods in greenhouse settings and the use of novel financial instruments to support transitions towards sustainable agricultural practices in the EU.

I strongly believe that systems thinking, including a careful study of resilience, is crucial to face the environmental and political challenges the next decades will bring. The 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering brings a truly multidisciplinary approach to the study of resilience with exciting opportunities for collaborations with fields that I am not yet familiar with.

I was a Postdoctoral researcher in the 4TU.DeSIRE programme.