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Resilience Engineering


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Our DeSIRE challenges

DeSIRE focusses on three challenges within the domain of Resilience Engineering.


Resilience Thinking and Design

DeSIRE strives to develop concepts for operationalising Resilience Engineering in practice:

  • Use and further advance systems-thinking approaches;
  • Focus on resilience as a design perspective for a variety of urban and regional infrastructure systems.

Our starting point is in the understanding that there are feedbacks in complex adaptive social-technical-environmental systems, that may lead to cascading effects.

Measuring, Quantification and Modelling Resilience

DeSIRE consolidates expertise from a variety of disciplines and leverages on new methods. It mainly focuses on advances in:

  • Data analytics;
  • Simulation methods embracing artificial intelligence and complexity science;
  • The emergence of new censoring technologies.

DeSIRE enables a comprehensive study of the resilience of social-technical-environmental systems from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Resilience Coordination and Governance

Stakeholders are at the heart of the DeSIRE Programme, with several DeSIRE scholars focusing on participatory methods. To improve the ability of complex social-technical-environmental systems, DeSIRE explores the decentralised nature of decision-making in distributed and interconnected urban and regional infrastructure systems of today’s and future cities.

The DeSIRE programme is aligned with:

Dutch National Research Agenda routes

EU societal challenges

UN Sustainable Development Goals