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Laura Genga

I am an assistant professor in the Information Systems group, in the Department of Industrial Engineering at TU/e.

My research interests revolve around business process management discipline, that involves a set of methodologies and tools aimed to analyze and to improve business processes. In particular, I’m interested in the development of resilient BPM systems, i.e., systems able to react to unforeseen situations while keeping business continuity.

Most of nowadays BPM systems require a high degree of formalization of  organization processes. If, on the one hand, this enables and supports the optimization of business processes, on the other hand it makes organizations less prone to adapt to changing environments and less reactive to unplanned events. This lack of flexibility of BPM systems is often pointed out as one of the causes of the lack of resilience of these systems. My research work is aimed to investigate solutions able to realize a suitable trade-off between the need for process control and optimization and the need for flexible process management.

I was a tenure-track researcher in the 4TU.DeSIRE programme.