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Mitrofan Curti

I carry out research on improved modelling techniques and design of electromechanical systems. Since 2014, I have been pursuing the PhD track where I gained the expertise in analytical and numerical modelling techniques dedicated to electrical machines. Participating in a European MSCA – ITN (ADEPT) project allowed me to perform my PhD research in an independent manner but at the same time be a part of a multidisciplinary network within the project. During my post-doctoral activity, I focused on modelling of an efficient high-speed induction generator for organic Rankine cycle (ORC) applications. Since October 2019, I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor at TU/e within the Electrical Engineering department.

Joining the Resilience Engineering centre as part of the 4TU-DeSIRE team helps me keep the multidisciplinary aspect of my thinking trained during my PhD. An exciting aspect of RE centre is the design for the resilience concept. This concept is, in fact, similar to one of the resilient immune systems of humans which adapts and becomes stronger with each virus infection. A similar to the latter resilient system can be designed by employing the knowledge we have about the physical world around us. With the help of models which follow from the physical laws, we can design systems provided with intelligence and resistance to disruptions which become a part of smart infrastructure. Within 4TU-DeSIRE, my work is focused on modelling techniques of electromechanical systems to improve the predictability of failure, adopt, establish and promote the resilience-based design of such systems through exploration of innovative materials and technology.

I was a tenure-track researcher in the 4TU.DeSIRE programme.