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Resilience Engineering

Carissa Champlin

After completing a professional MSc. in Urban Management, I remained for several years at the Technical University of Berlin as a researcher and lecturer in sustainable urban mobility and rapid urbanization in the global south. I later moved to the University of Twente where I received my PhD in Civil Engineering on the topic of game-based support methods for spatial planning. I am currently a postdoc in the Engineering Systems and Services Department at the Delft University of Technology. I contribute tools, methods and knowledge that facilitate communication and learning to the Resilience Engineering conversation about the complex socio-technical and environmental (STE) systems of our cities and how they interact. Currently, I am developing a conceptual framework to support collaboration and knowledge exchange about Resilience Engineering in teaching, research and practice.

My primary responsibility within the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering is to lead the SURF Open Educational Resources for Urban Resilience project. Together with 4TU RE tenure trackers and senior scientific community members, we are building an online repository and community for creating and exchanging open source educational materials for the holistic teaching of Resilience Engineering.

I am convinced that building resilient urban futures starts by stimulating a discussion among domain experts about interdependencies among our natural, social and engineered systems and their vulnerabilities to shocks and stresses, both known and unforeseen. Putting this jigsaw of expertise together and training future generations of engineers to look at impacts across STE systems will be essential in this effort.