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Omar Kammouh

Assistant professor @TU Delft | Infrastructure resilience & optimization | Complex systems modeling | Matlab/Python enthusiast

Critical infrastructures are highly interconnected and their management can purposely contribute to the sustainable development and well-being of our communities. My research focuses on infrastructure resilience and optimization in a cross-sectoral and multi-actor setting and how such infrastructure can be analyzed and governed. I am passionate about this field for its academic significance, societal impact, and multidisciplinary nature.

My Ph.D. involved modeling interdependent infrastructure systems given external stressors and uncertainties. I have contributed scientifically by developing much-needed resilience frameworks and computational models/tools at different levels/scales of interest. After my Ph.D., I pursued my research as a postdoctoral fellow at TU-Delft and TU-Eindhoven working on infrastructure optimization and management developing optimization tools that respond to the industry’s needs, and hence fulfilling the objective of Dutch Research Agenda NWA of bridging science and society.

I especially enjoy modeling complex adaptive system, like infrastructure networks! Modeling these systems is currently a time-consuming manual process that relies heavily on existing data, which is nearly-impossible to obtain. Through my current tenure-track at TU-Delft, and building on my recent research, I envision a new era of infrastructure network modeling where model generation can be automated.

I greatly enjoy fostering (international) research collaborations. The 4TU-RE program represents a great opportunity for me to connect with a well-established interdisciplinary resilience network, which can help me attain my research vision.

I was an associated tenure-track researcher in the 4TU.DeSIRE programme.