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Lilian van den Aarsen
Strategic Advisory Board - Director of the central office of the National Delta Programme Commisioner
Tina Comes
Scientific Director 4TU RE - Professor and Delft Technology Fellow on Designing Resilience (TUD)
Tatiana Filatova
Steering Group - Professor Computational Economics (TUD) – Programme leader DeSIRE
Reintje van Haeringen
Strategic Advisory Board - CEO at CARE Nederland
Kenneth Heijns
Strategic Advisory Board - Managing director at AMS Institute
Sabrina Helmyr
Strategic Advisory Board - Program leader Climate Adaptation / Sector leader water boards at Arcadis
Stephanie Hessing
Managing Director 4TU RE
Ingrid Heynderickx
Board - Dean of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences / Professor of Applied Visual Perception (TU/e)
Hans Hilbrands
Director Stichting Pioneering
Geert-Jan van Houtum
Steering Group - Professor of Maintenance and Reliability (TU/e)
Jan Dirk Jansen
Board - Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences / Professor of Reservoir Systems and Control (TUD)
Bas Jonkman
Steering Group - Professor of Integral Hydraulic Engineering (TUD)
Freek van der Meer
Board - Dean and Professor geothermal energy and earth resources of Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (UT)
Miranda Meuwissen
Steering Group - Professor of cost-effective risk management in food supply chains (WUR)
Niklas Möhring
Steering Group - Assistant Professor Business Economics(WUR)
Arnoud Molenaar
Strategic Advisory Board - Chief Resilience Officer / Manager Rotterdam Climate Proof at City of Rotterdam
Andy Nelson
Steering Group - Professor in Spatial Agriculture and Food Security (UT)
Nienke Nijenhuis
External communication advisor
Stefan Nijwening
Strategic Advisory Board - Entrepreneur / Innovator at Water board Vechtstromen
Elisabeth van Opstall
Strategic Advisory Board - Managing director of Next Generation Infrastructures (NGinfra)
Henk Ovink
Strategic Advisory Board - Special Envoy for International Water Affairs at Kingdom of the Netherlands
David van Raalten
Strategic Advisory Board - Board member Water Board WDODelta
Jos Röling
Strategic Advisory Board - Associate partner of the Global Center of Competency for Energy, Environment, and Utilities at IBM Global Business Services
Carmen Schoemaker
4TU RE Secretary
Tijmen Stet
Assitant communication advisor
Inge Vianen
Strategic Advisory Board - Global Leader CARE Climate Change and Resilience Platform
Joanne Vinke-de Kruijf
Steering Group - Assistant Professor at the Construction Management and Engineering group (UT)
Bram de Vos
Board - Managing Director Environmental Sciences Group (WUR)