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Resilience Engineering

Claudiu Forgaci

I am an assistant professor of urban design, currently engaged in understanding how spatial urbanisation patterns, at multiple scales, are related to urban resilience. In my research, teaching and practice, I combine urban design and planning, landscape architecture and architecture in a multi-scalar and social-ecological approach to urbanism. I focus on social-ecological resilience in cities, that is, how urban space can accommodate social-ecological systems in an integrated way and how the integration of urban systems and ecosystems through urban design can contribute to building general urban resilience. I employ and develop methods, techniques, and instruments for the spatial assessment, planning and design of urban space through green and blue infrastructure solutions, nature-based solutions, and other spatial applications of urban resilience. In my recent work, I have developed a set of principles and instruments for the integrated design of riverside urban spaces.

As a member of the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering, I emphasise the proactive role of urban design in anticipating acute shocks and chronic stresses. With my interest in design-driven research methodologies and design principles for social-ecological resilience in cities, I provide knowledge and practical support on spatial design for urban resilience. I work closely with colleagues from the other TUs from several disciplines and domains of activity, with the ambition of developing an effective transdisciplinary practice of resilience.