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Martijn van Staveren

Since the 1st of January 2022 I work as a parttime postdoc at the Construction Management and Engineering group at the University of Twente. I have a background in civil engineering but my expertise is primarily on governance, policy analysis and stakeholder participation in international waterĀ management projects. At the University of Twente I will work within the context of the 4TU DeSIRE programme (link). In short, the objective of this programme is to advance and consolidate the understanding of resilience thinking in the governance of environmental challenges such as water management. Together with Joanne Vinke ā€“ de Kruijf and other colleagues I will conduct research and contribute to initiating new collaborations with partners in the Zwolle region on this.


After graduating in 2007 I started my career in the international water sector at the Netherlands Water Partnership. At the time my work consisted of initiating new collaborations and projects between Dutch and international partners in various countries. Between 2012 and 2017 I moved back to academia to complete a PhD project on comparative international delta policies with a focus on flood management and river restoration. A postdoc position between 2017 and 2021 centered on knowledge co-creation in flood risk management, connected to the HWBP programme in the Netherlands. Both positions were done at Wageningen UR. At the same time I provided policy advise for ministries, national and international NGOā€™s and research institutes working on international water programmes and projects. In summary, I tend to operate at the science-policy interface of international water management.

Research highlights

Most recent: Climate stress tests as a climate adaptation information tool in Dutch municipalitiesĀ (2021), Climate Risk Management.Ā Ivo de Klerk, Kris van Koppen,Ā Martijn van StaverenĀ (link)

Full dissertation: Bringing in the floods. A comparative study on controlled flooding in the Dutch, Bangladesh and Vietnamese deltas (2017), Wageningen UR (link)