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Rolands Kromanis

I joined the Department of Construction Management and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Technology in September 2019 as an assistant professor (tenure track).

My research aims to provide monitoring solutions for our civil infrastructure, advancing their resilience. Enhancements in electronical and mechanical systems have equipped civil engineers with tools (hardware (sensor) and software (algorithms)) that can collect useful information about the performance of man-made (e.g. dykes, bridges, buildings) and natural (e.g. rivers, costal dunes) components of the infrastructure. The challenge is not only collecting data/information but ‘making sense’ of it. I seek for resilient monitoring solutions, systems that are enhanced with an artificial intelligence and can recover from shocks, to provide meaningful interpretation of the performance of our civil infrastructure.

Apart from this, the main research topics that interest me include structural health monitoring, computer vision, image processing and artificial intelligence.

I was a tenure-track researcher in the 4TU.DeSIRE programme.