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Resilience Engineering

João Cortesão

I am a design researcher passionate about the challenge of adapting urban areas to a changing climate. My core research interest deals with designing resilient urban climates through solutions in the interface between architecture and landscape architecture. I am particularly interested in finding synergies between open spaces and buildings, and on the role informal private-sector initiatives play in climate adaptation. Next to this, I am involved in research on overarching topics of urban climate resilience. My prime goal is to prompt the adaptation of urban areas to climate change. To this end, I make full use of my experience with cooperating in international teams, with industry, forward-looking design offices, governmental bodies and Universities.

I am an Assistant Professor at Wageningen University, Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning Group, and the Tenure Tracker on Designing Resilient Urban Climates of the DeSIRE-programme of the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering. The 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering offers the right environment to pursue my research interests by joining experts from an array of domains and, thus, embodying the necessary transdisciplinary practice of resilience.