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Harith Alani
Ambassador - Professor of Web Science (The Open University)
Alice Alipour
DeSIRE Research Fellow - Associate Professor, Dept. Civil, Construction and Environment, Iowa State University
Onur Alisan
DeSIRE Research Fellow - Post-Doc researcher/ Florida State University
Nezih Altay
Ambassador - Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management (DePaul University)
John Andrews
Ambassador - Professor at University of Nottingham
Elena Bakhanova
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Ph.D. Student at University of Technology Sydney
Stefanie Beninger
DeSIRE Research Fellow - Assistant Professor at IE University, Madrid
Guillermo Borragán
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Researcher and Project manager at VITO-Energy Ville
Samuel D. Brody
Ambassador - Regents Professor in the Department of Marine and Coastal Environmental Science at Texas A&M University
Karin de Bruijn
DeSIRE Research Fellow - Senior researcher Flood Risk Management (Deltares)
Louis de Bruin
Ambassador - Advisory board member (2Tokens)
Marcel Burkhalter
DeSIRE Young Fellow - PhD student and research assistant (ETH Zurich)
Zhi Cao
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Assistant Prof. Road Engineering Research DeSIRE Young Fellow - Assistant Professor Road Engineering Research, University of Antwerp
Catalina-Codruta Dobre
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Postdoctoral researcher (Université libre de Bruxelles)
Pilar Cornejo
Ambassador - Professor at Maritime Engineering and Marine Sciences Faculty, ESPOL Polytechnic University
Marjolein Dohmen-Janssen
Ambassador - Secretary 4TU at 4TU.Federation
Şebnem Düzgün
DeSIRE Research Fellow - Full Prof. and F. Dist.Endowed Chair - Mining Engineering (Colorado)
Yair Farber
DeSIRE Research Fellow - Lecturer at Kinneret Academic College
Niki Frantzeskaki
Ambassador - Professor Urban Sustainability Transitions
Lauren Grimley
DeSIRE Young Fellow - PhD Student Earth, Marine and Environmental Sciences (University of North Carolina)
Jim Hall
Ambassador - Director of the Environmental Change Institute and Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks at University of Oxford
Kamia Handayani
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Manager of Climate Change & Environmental Safeguard (PLN) and visiting scholar (UT)
Micheline Hounjet
DeSIRE Research Fellow - Product Development Flood Resilience (Royal HaskoningDHV)
Vitaliy Krupin
DeSIRE Research Fellow -Assistant prof.Economic Modelling, Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development, Polish Academy of Sciences
Margaret Kurth
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Research engineer (US Army Corps of Engineers)
Matthieu Lauras
DeSIRE Research Fellow - Full. Prof., IMT Mines Albi ( France), Deputy Head of Industrial Enginering Center
Eli Lazarus
DeSIRE Research Fellow - Associate prof. Geomorphology, University Southhampton
Shunbo Lei
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong- Shenzhen
Aynaz Lotfata
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and Geospatial Sciences (Chicago State University)
Nisrine Makhoul
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Seal of Excellence Fellow at Politecnico di Milano
Diego Sesma-Martín
DeSIRE Young Fellow - PhD in Economics (Public University of Navarre)
Juliet Mian
Ambassador - Technical Director of the Resilience Shift
Enayat A. Moallemi
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Research Fellow at Centre for Integrative Ecology (Deakin University)
Maryam Naghibi
DeSIRE Young Fellow - PhD Candidate, School of Architecture and Environmental Design, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)
Ezgi Orhan
DeSIRE Research Fellow - Associate Professor at Cankaya University
Eleonora Panizza
DeSIRE Young Fellow - PhD Candidate at the University of Genoa
Garry Peterson
Ambassador - Professor at Stockholm Resilience Centre
Yaning Qiao
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Associate Professor (China University of Mining and Technology)
Lakshmi Rajendran
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Senior Research Fellow in Future Cities at the EBE, Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)
Debraj Roy
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Assistant Professor (UT)
Bárbara Soriano
DeSIRE Research Fellow - Assistant professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and researcher at the CEIGRAM
Arjuna Srinidhi
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Researcher at the Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR)
Firouzeh Taghikhah
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Postdoctoral research fellow at the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University (ANU)
Rui Teixeira
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Lecturer and Assistant Professor at University College Dublin
Henrik Thorén
DeSIRE Research Fellow - the Philosophy of Science
Theo Toonen
Ambassador - Dean Professor Emeritus of Institutional Governance and Public Administration
Cristina Torres-Machi
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Assistant Professor Innovation for Resilient Infrastructure (University of Colorado Boulder)
Agostinho Vilanculos
DeSIRE Young Fellow - Hydrologist (DNGRH)
Shalika Vyas
DeSIRE Research Fellow - Research-for-development professional in sustainable food systems
Enrico Zio
Ambassador - Professor at the PSL University and Professor and President of the Alumni Association at Politecnico di Milano