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About DeSIRE

DeSIRE (Designing Systems for Informed Resilience Engineering) is an extensive interdisciplinary research and capacity building programme. The DeSIRE-programme funds 17 Tenure Trackers, 20 Postdocs and over 50 Resilience Fellows across 14 faculties at the 4TU's. As such 4TU.DeSIRE Programme serves as the founding core of the 4TU.RE Centre. It is part of the strategic research impulse ‘High Tech for a Sustainable Future’ of the four universities of technology in the Netherlands (Eindhoven, Delft, Twente and Wageningen) forming the backbone of 4TU.RE.

Our goal is to build a thriving community on Resilience Engineering. To design solutions for complex social-technical-environmental systems requires linking different domains and disciplines. We make connections between scientists, practitioners, engineers and policymakers; between universities, companies and the government. Towards this goal DeSIRE creates multidisciplinary capacity across the 4TUs with applications across sectors (agri-food, decision making under uncertainty, energy/cyber, supply chain/ transport networks, urban and water).

“Continuing urbanisation together with an increasing frequency and severity of climate-driven hazards are leading to a growing number of disasters. We cannot eliminate the presence of sudden shocks and cascading events in coupled social-technical-environmental systems entirely. We must learn to live with them. To address these multi-facet problems, DeSIRE unites engineers with architects and modellers, and builds bridges between scientists from philosophy, governance, economics, business administration and environmental & agricultural sciences.”
Tatiana Filatova
DeSIRE Programme Leader

Our tenure trackers and postdocs

Our 17 Tenure Trackers and 20 Postdocs lay the foundation of the national research cluster on Resilience Engineering, the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering (4TU.RE). They create a head start on strengthening the interdisciplinary research agenda of this 4TU.RE Centre.

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Our working groups

The research agenda of the 4TU.DeSIRE programme covers six thematic working groups. They represent the focus areas along which our community is concentrated and form the backbone of the broader 4TU.RE Centre's research agenda.

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Our resilience fellows

Our Resilience Fellows serve as ambassadors on Resilience Engineering and build a bridge between science and practice. So far we have over 50 Resilience Fellows. Together we aim to establish and foster an international network of top-level academic scholars, engineers, practitioners and decision-makers. 

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