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Please note that some events may be postponed or moved online, due to unforeseen events such as regarding COVID-19. Check the organizer's or event's website for the latest updates.

Fri 9 Jun 2023
4TU.HTSF Meeting including 4TU.DeSIRE programme
9 June 2023 the 4TU.HTSF (High Tech for a Sustainable Future) Meeting will take place. During this meeting, the HTSF umbrella presents the results of the first round of funded programmes, such as the DeSIRE programme (Designing Systems for Informed Resilience Engineering). This meeting is a follow-up to the DeSIRE Conference 2022. 
Wed 28 - 30 Jun 2023
ICRS Conference
The 2023 International Conference on Resilient Systems is an excellent opportunity for PhD-students, researchers, policy-makers and resilience practitioners from across the world to meet and share expertise in the design, development, analysis and implementation of resilient social-technical-environmental systems. With a variety of (keynote) speakers, interactive sessions and the opportunity to share research with international colleagues, the conference will offer the attendees the latest updates and breakthroughs in the field of Resilience
Sun 2 - 7 Jul 2023
Resilience of living systems summer school
From 2 to 7 July 2023, the summer school: “Resilience of living systems” will take place. The Graduate School for Production Ecology & Resource Conservation offers a course for those interested in resilience and Agent-Based Models, regardless of specialisation. During this course, the participants become acquainted with different resilience concepts and their application from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course is primarily intended for PhD students, academics, and people working on the interface of academia and policy-making.