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News on the developments within the 4TU research centre High-Tech Materials
21 Nov 2022
Kick-off 4TU.Responsible Sustainability Challenge
The next seven months, the 4TU.Responsible Sustainability Challenge (4TU.RSC) is taking place, an initiative of three centres of the 4TU.Federation: 4TU.High-Tech Materials, 4TU.Energy and 4TU.Ethics & Technology. It is an Honours track intended for motivated and talented master students from the four Technical Universities. Using a Challenge Based Learning approach, they will work with industrial partners, researchers, and societal stakeholders on a case involving sustainability. The focus of these cases is on energy, materials, and ethics.
4 Nov 2022
M2i & 4TU.HTM Business Awareness Course 2023 - Register now!
25 Oct 2022
Register now: Joint Workshop on Soft Matter & Self-Assembly, 19 January 2023
26 Aug 2022
Interview with EFC medal winner Arjan Mol
The August 2022 issue of the Newsletter of the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC) features an interview with prof. Arjan Mol, winner of the prestigious European Corrosion Medal 2022.
24 Aug 2022
Advanced Materials Characterisation at M2i Meeting Materials 2022, 13 December
11 Jul 2022
Marc Geers visited nine universities in the Midwest
The Midwest Mechanics Seminar is a longstanding seminar series where outstanding researchers from around the world (outside the midwest), working in the broad areas of fluid and solid mechanics, are invited to present their research at several midwestern universities in the United States. The series has been held every year since 1958 except for 1983 and 2020.
2 Jun 2022
Arjan Mol winner European Corrosion Medal 2022
Arjan Mol, Professor of Corrosion Technology and Electrochemistry at Delft University of TechnologyÔÇÖs Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Scientific Director of the 4TU.Centre High-Tech Materials, has been awarded the prestigious European Corrosion Medal 2022 for his work on corrosion. As former President of the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC), Arjan Mol is praised not only for his exceptional expertise in metal surface characterisation and modification, local electrochemical surface activity analysis and in situ interfacial bonding studies, but also for his personal enthusiasm for coaching younger generations of corrosionists, his long-lasting and ongoing service to the EFC in various leading positions, as well as leading his cutting-edge scientific research. Read the complete news item at the TU Delft website.
13 May 2022
Marc Geers (TU/e) newly elected KNAW member
The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) has elected 22 new members. Academy members, leading researchers from across all the disciplines, are selected for their scientific and scholarly achievements. The Academy has about 600 members who are appointed for life.
10 Mar 2022
Louis de Smet (Wageningen University & Research) receives NWO Vici grant
4TU.HTM management team member Louis de Smet of Wageningen University & Research has been awarded an NWO Vici grant for his research proposal on efficient and selective water desalination.
10 Feb 2022
4TU.HTM session on Metamaterials at the M2i Conference Meeting Materials, 5 April 2022
20 Dec 2021
Joint Workshop on Circular & Sustainable Materials in 2050 - 20 January 2022
6 Dec 2021
Prof. Arjan Mol, new scientific director 4TU.HTM
As of 1 January 2022, Prof. Arjan Mol (Delft University of Technology) will be the new scientific director of the 4TU.Centre High-Tech Materials (4TU.HTM). He succeeds Prof. Jilt Sietsma, who was one of the initiators of 4TU.HTM and has led the centre since its inception in 2014.
6 Dec 2021
Prof. Arjan Mol, nieuwe wetenschappelijk directeur 4TU.HTM Arjan Mol (Technische Universiteit Delft) is per 1 januari 2022 de nieuwe wetenschappelijk directeur van het 4TU-centrum High-Tech Materials (4TU.HTM). Hij volgt in deze functie Jilt Sietsma op. Sietsma was een van de initiatiefnemers van 4TU.HTM en heeft het centrum sinds de start in 2014 geleid.
22 Nov 2021
Developing steel more quickly using DENS 3D models
The latest 3D model for developing new types of steel has been presented at the Digitally Enhanced New Steel Product Development (DENS) research programme half-yearly event. Researchers from TU Delft, Eindhoven University of Technology, the University of Twente, and the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung in Düsseldorf have spent the past three years working on the model. Each of the phases involved in the production of steel now can be simulated in the model. The ultimate aim is to develop the ideal steel - strong and easy to deform.
19 Nov 2021
4TU.HTM organizes a session on Metamaterials at the M2i Meeting Materials conference