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4TU.Centre High-Tech Materials

The 4TU.Centre High-Tech Materials has a Management Team with members from each of the universities involved (TU Delft, TU/e, UTwente, WUR, and UG), and a Bureau which is managed by a Scientific Director and a Coordinator.                   

Bureau Arjan Mol
Scientific director
Reina Boerrigter, MA

Management Team
prof.dr. Ferdinand Grozema (TU Delft) Rint Sijbesma (TU/e) Marc Geers (TU/e) Remko Akkerman (UTwente) Gertjan Koster (UTwente) Louis de Smet (WUR) Karin Schro√ęn (WUR)¬†
dr. Francesco Maresca (UG)

General Board Fred van Keulen, Dean Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (ME), TU Delft Patrick Anderson, Dean Mechanical Engineering, TU/e Guus Rijnders, Full Professor Inorganic Materials, UTwente; Chairman NanoLabNL Gerda Feunekes, Managing Director Agrotechnology & Food Sciences, WUR
prof.dr. Moniek Tromp, Director Groningen Engineering Center, Faculty Science and Engineering, UG

Former members Management Team Jilt Sietsma (TU Delft) - Scientific director, 2015 - 2021
prof.dr. Bernard Dam (TU Delft) - 2019 - 2021 Joris Sprakel (WUR) - 2016 - 2021 Sybrand van der Zwaag (TU Delft) - 2015 - 2018 Julius Vancso (UTwente) - 2015 - 2018

Single molecule AFM spectroscopy
(for prof. Julius Vancso)
Logo IOP Selfhealing Materials
(for prof. Sybrand van der Zwaag)
Optical fiber hydrogen sensor *
(for prof. Bernard Dam)
3D Voronoi and ODF of a crystallographic texture in the ferrite phase **
(for prof. Jilt Sietsma)
The illumination of a polymer chain consisting of a kind of colloidal spheres ***
(for prof. Joris Sprakel)

(Handpainted by: Paauw | Heinen Delfts Blauw) 

* From Tantalum-Palladium: Hysteresis-Free Optical Hydrogen Sensor over 7 Oders of Magnitude in Pressure with Sub-Second Repsonse Times by Lars Bannenberg, Herman Schreuders and Bernard Dam (Advanced Functional Materials, 2021)
** From Phase field modelling of microstructural evolution during the quenching and partitioning treatment in low-alloy steels by M.G. (Pina) Mecozzi, J. Eiken, M.J. Santofimia, J.Sietsma (Computational Materials Science, 2016), and from A Data-Driven Approach for Studying the Influence of Carbides on Work Hardening of Steel, by Martina Vittorietti, Javier Hidalgo,¬†Jes√ļs Gal√°n L√≥pez and Jilt Sietsma (Materials, 2022)
*** From Light from Within: Sensing Weak Strains and FemtoNewton Forces in Single Molecules by Ties van der Laar, Hent Schuurman, Pieter van der Scheer, Jan Maarten van Doorn, Jasper van der Gucht and Joris Sprakel (Chem, 2018)