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Graduate Courses

Here we will provide an overview of Graduate Courses in the Netherlands within the field of materials science.

Graduate Courses at 4TU

The 4TU's, Delft and Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Twente and Wageningen UR, have opened up their Doctoral Education training programmes to each other’s doctoral candidates. You can enroll in their Doctoral Education courses.

Most of these are competences, skills and career oriented courses.

Doctoral Education Programme Delft University of Technology
PROOF Program Eindhoven University of Technology
Twente Graduate School
Graduate School Courses Wageningen UR

(Source: TU Delft, information on 4TU Courses)

Discipline-related courses

Discipline-related skills will improve your breadth of knowledge and, therefore, add to the quality of your doctoral research.

Discipline-related Doctoral Courses (2023) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (ME) and within the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, TU Delft:

Research Schools

Discipline-related courses can be followed at Research Schools.

J.M. Burgerscentrum

The Dutch research school for fluid mechanics.

Participating University Groups
Course Programma 2023-2024

Casimir Research School

Joint research school in interdisciplinary physics (Leiden and Delft).

Netherlands Institute for Catalysis Research (NIOK)

NIOK organises annually a broad and fundamental graduate course Catalysis, An Integrated Approach, to present to starting Ph.D. students a broad overview and deep insights into modern catalysis as a whole.

Graduate School on Engineering Mechanics

Graduate EM Courses

Upcoming courses
Nonlinear Material Mechanics
Solutions methods in computational mechanics
Scientific computing with open-source software
Machine learning
Mechanics in Microsystems
Discontinuities, interfaces, fluid-structure interaction and multi-phase problems
Advanced Dynamics

Other courses, regularly given:
Experimental engineering mechanics
Solving Structural Acoustic Couple Problems
Multi-scale and micro-mechanics
Mechanics of large deformations
Continuum Thermodynamics
Stability of Structures
Solutions methods in computational mechanics
Nonlinear Material Mechanics
Optimization and parameter identification
Reliability, Lifetime and System Health

Onderzoekschool Procestechnologie (OSTP)

the Netherlands Process Technology Research School

National Dutch Graduate School of
Polymer Science and Technology (PTN)

The RPK-programme is an initiative and under the auspices of PTN

Dutch Research School of Philosophy