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Business Awareness Course

For materials researchers pursuing a career in industry or in academia

M2i & 4TU.HTM Business Awareness Course

M2i & 4TU.HTM are organizing a business awareness course for Postdocs and PhD students in the later stages of their projects. With this course, M2i and 4TU.HTM strive to prepare materials researchers for their future careers in industry or academia.

This course takes place at the university campus of Twente, on 8, 9, and 10 February 2023.

It has been developed in collaboration with POA Techniek en Management:
Business Awareness: the business aspects of innovation

PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers often concentrate on science. Successful innovation requires attention to business aspects as well. Why do companies and universities collaborate? How do companies organize their in-house innovation? How to get support for a break-through scientific idea? How about costs and benefits? The Business Awareness Course creates awareness for the business aspects of research and innovation, which will help the participants to become effective in R&D, both at universities and in industry.

Working in or together with an industrial company differs from an academic research environment. Companies have different goals, processes and business cultures. As an academic researcher you can benefit from a better understanding of these companies. In this course working in an industrial innovation environment will be addressed and it will be explained how industrial-academic collaborations are organized.

Innovations are important for industries to incorporate new product development for facing current and upcoming challenges in society. Circularity and sustainability are two major bottlenecks that need to be addressed within the next decades in the innovation landscape. But how is innovation organised in large, medium sized and small companies?

This course will create awareness for the business aspects of innovation, and will address working in an industrial innovation environment and the value and organization of industrial-academic collaborations. 

The M2i & 4TU.HTM Business Awareness Course is relevant for materials researchers pursuing a career in industry and in academia.

The course is free of charge for M2i PhDs & Postdocs and for similar materials researchers in one of the universities collaborating within 4TU.HTM: TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, UTwente, WUR, and RUG. If this applies, please indicate upon registration.

For more information & registration, check the POA Techniek en Management website.
Questions can be addressed to Franz Bormann (M2i).

How to act in an industrial innovation environment?

During this course you will:

There will also be plenty of room in the programme for social interaction.

Source: M2i, PAO Techniek & Management