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The 4TU.ResearchData is part of the 4TU.Federation. It offers advice on research data management and increases the visibility, findability and citability of research results.


The 4TU.ResearchData offers researchers advice on research data management and a long-term trusted digital archive for storing scientific research data.

The 4TU.ResearchData had the chance to speak with several of the Scientific Directors of the 4TU Research Centres about research data management. The report published on 20 March 2018 highlights the findings from these contacts and conversations.

Research Data Management within the 4TU.Research Centres (Pdf file)

The archive, specialising in science and engineering data, hosts thousands of datasets that are stored for a minimum of 15 years. By depositing research data in the 4TU archive, researchers can see several benefits:

The Centre is an initiative of the libraries of TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and the University of Twente. Researchers from these universities can deposit up to 100 GB of research data per year free of charge. Researchers from other research institutions can deposit up to 10 GB of data free of charge.

Advice and training on research data management and the archive is also available. For more information, please use these contacts.