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Joint workshop 4TU.HTM and 4TU.Ethics

On Tuesday 28 March, a joint workshop will be organised by the research centres 4TU.High-Tech Materials and 4TU.Ethics & Techonology. The goal of the workshop is to create awareness of ethical issues in relations to materials and to discuss specific challanges in ethics and materials sciences.

‘How can we provide the world with energy-efficient materials?’ ‘How can materials supply keep up with materials demand in a careful and ethical way?’ ‘Can we predict the reliability of a material?’ ‘How can we find a balance between maintenance of materials and risk?’ 

4TU.High-Tech Materials & 4TU.Ethics & Technology

Joint workshop - 28 March 2017

Programme Joint Workshop 4TU.Ethics and 4TU.HTM - Pdf file

These questions relate to important topics in materials science that have ethical implications. Nevertheless, the emphasis on these topics in materials research is limited. The research centres 4TU.High-Tech Materials and 4TU.Ethics & Technology want to raise the awareness among researchers and engineers and are therefore organizing a joint workshop with the following goals:

This workshop will be held on Tuesday 28 March 2017, 10:00 – 17:00 hrs, in Utrecht. The programme consists of introductory lectures and ample opportunity to discuss with materials scientists and ethicists on the following topics: Behnam Taebi - Ethics and radioactive materials

One of the speakers will be Behnam Taebi. He is associate professor in ethics of technology at Delft University of Technology. He studied Material Science and Engineering (2006) and received his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Technology (2010). His research interests are in energy ethics, nuclear ethics, responsible innovation and engineering ethics.

Please, let us know if you are interested and we will keep you updated on the program. A full programme will be available at the end of February.

We hope you will share our interest in responsible materials research and innovation!

For more information, contact 4TU.HTM (Reina Boerrigter), or 4TU.Ethics