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Milestone events of the 4TU.Responsible Sustainability Challenge

Monday, 27 May 2024
4TU.HTM hosted the live event at Delft University of Technology. The final event takes place in Utrecht, on the 19th of June

Milestone events 4TU.Responsible Sustainability Challenge (2023-2024)

On the 7th of May, 4TU.HTM and the Honours Programme TU Delft hosted the third live event of the 4TU.Responsible Sustainability Challenge (2023-2024). This milestone eventĀ included an introduction by core team teacher Shoshan Abrahami (Materials Science and Engineering, TU Delft) and Arjan Mol (Scientific Director of 4TU.HTM), who told the students about the mission and vision of 4TU.HTM and the role that materials play in the transition to a more sustainable future.

Futhermore, there were workshops on international feedback giving by William Collins and Ā on Ethics & Design for Values by Andrea R. Gammon (Ethics & Philosophy of Technology, TU Delft), and of course the student presentations.

Marc Fuentes Bongenaar (Honours Office, UTwente)Ā presented the students with all the details onĀ the next phase of the 4TU.RSC Honours track. In their this act phase within the Challenge Based Learning methodology the students will expand on multiple solutions to their challenge and decide on one to implement.

The final event of this edition of the 4TU.Responsible Sustainability Challenge will take place in Utrecht on the 19th of June, and marks the end of the 8-month challenge of this interuniversity and multidisciplinary programme.

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