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Aynaz Lotfata

I am an assistant professor of urban planning and geospatial sciences at Chicago State University, Illinois, where the core of my research centers on environmental justice, urban wellbeing, and the application of geospatial methods in cross-disciplinary studies. My interdisciplinary research initiatives demonstrate combining principles from various disciplines such as urban planning, geospatial sciences, and statistical modeling towards solving socioenvironmental planning problems. With two doctoral degrees: one in City Planning and the other in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and teaching Human and Natural Resource Conservation and Urban Planning, I am committed to promoting socially and environmentally just urbanism.

As part of the Young Resilience Fellowship, I will collaborate with Dr. João Cortesão on Climate Resilience of Desert Climate Unplanned Urban Areas Using Climate Adaptation Measures. The primary objective of this collaboration is to develop alternative low-cost and climate adaptation scenarios for recurrent streets in unplanned neighborhoods. The unplanned areas are not designed within planning policies causing socio-environmental problems. This study contributes to Resilience Thinking, Design, Measuring, Quantification, and Modelling by suggesting design-based climate resilience strategies to arid climate areas. The result can be compared with Dutch climate resilience strategies to guide building more resilient climate resilience management systems. 

The 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering provides an opportunity to expand my academic network and connect with WUR researchers to build future collaboration.

I was a Young Fellow in the 4TU.DeSIRE programme.