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Onur Alisan

I am from Turkey. I have bachelor's degrees in business administration and city and regional planning, a master's degree in industrial engineering, and a Ph.D. degree in city and regional planning from the Middle East Technical University. While doing my Ph.D. study, I was awarded a Ph.D. research fellowship by Turkey's Fulbright commission in 2018. With this fellowship, I conducted my research at FSU with Dr. Michael Duncan and worked with Dr. Ozguven on emergency operations planning. After completing my Ph.D. with a thesis on traffic safety-built environment relationship, I came back to Tallahassee to perform my post-doctoral research on resilience and transportation planning under the supervision of Dr. Ozguven.

My previous work was mainly on shelter planning for hurricanes. We looked at several aspects, such as cross-county solutions for shelter planning and determining the critical shelters regarding vulnerable populations.

Currently, we are working on a variety of disaster resilience topics such as distribution and accessibility of ICU beds, evacuations during hurricanes, and shelter planning for hurricanes. We are focusing on varying contexts in demographics and socioeconomics (i.e., vulnerable populations, rural communities, coastal and inland contrast) that would lead to solutions and tools that can be implemented to make our communities more resilient.

I was a Research Fellow in the 4TU.DeSIRE programme.