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Elena Bakhanova

I am an early career researcher at the Centre on Persuasive Systems for Wise Adaptive Living (PERSWADE), the University of Technology Sydney in Australia. In my current Ph.D. research, I explore how game design and gamification can be used in the context of participatory modeling to improve stakeholder engagement, social learning, and communication among the parties. I’m interested in investigating how stakeholder involvement and social learning can contribute to the management of complex socio- ecological systems as well as the long-term impacts of participation on decision-making and community development.

The 4TU Resilience Fellowship gives me a great opportunity to work with a research group of Dr. Joanne Vinke-De Kruijf on investigating the role of social learning in achieving energy and climate resilience in one of the Dutch regions. I believe that this fellowship will also enable me to contribute to and learn from a wider 4TU research community leading to research outcomes that have a real-life impact.

I was a Young Fellow in the 4TU.DeSIRE programme.