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Resilience Engineering

Louis de Bruin

Serving the IBM corporation for many years, Louis de Bruin received awards and recognition for his thought leadership, leading to a series of senior positions in the corporation. As one of the instigators of IBM’s adoption of Blockchain technology, he served as the Blockchain Leader for IBM in Europe until retiring from the company in 2020. His experience, working with companies, governments, and organizations stretching over three decades and across the globe, is now put to use by serving as a member on the board of organizations and through his active involvement in start- and scale-ups in the field of AI, Blockchain and sustainability. Recognizing Blockchain and other decentralized ledgers as key technologies for rejuvenating the aging electric power grid and incorporating renewable energy technologies, Louis managed an IBM Institute of Business Value study on this subject. For this work, he was invited to serve as the IBM representative on the Strategic Advisory Board of the 4TU Center for Resilience Engineering. Recently he has moved on from that position to become a Research Fellow at the 4TU Center for Resilience Engineering, with a specific focus on developing strategies to improve the resilience of power and communications networks to withstand the damage caused by the so-called "Carrington effect" that causes global network disruptions due to large scale flare-ups of the sun’s corona.

Louis is co-author of the book ‚ÄúWorking with Blockchain‚ÄĚ used at academic institutions. Apart from this book he regularly publishes on the topic of¬†technological effects on society¬†and is a frequent speaker at national and international events on this topic, including the Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum. Apart from advising commercial and government organizations on how to benefit from industry-grade Blockchain technology, Louis is also involved in coaching students and is visiting lecturer at various academic institutions,¬†and holds an MSC in Industrial Engineering from the Eindhoven Institute of Technology.