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Resilience Engineering

Lakshmi Rajendran

I am an architect and urbanist. Currently, a Senior Research Fellow in Future Cities at the School of Engineering and Built Environment (EBE), Anglia Ruskin University (ARU). In my present role, I focus on developing collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects under a broader theme on Urban Resilience. I co-ordinate the Future Cities Research Network (FCRN), an interdisciplinary research group, that aims to investigate and generate best practice and policy-relevant evidence to understand and effectively respond to the complex urban challenges for sustainable and resilient urban futures. I have completed several projects under FCRN, some of them include collaborative project in India (PI, GCRF-UKRI funded, Inclusive and Resilient peri urban development(ongoing), Turkey (PI, Newton Funded, Heritage -led urban resilience), Brazil (Co-I, GCRF funded, Socio-ecological sustainability), UK(Co-I, NERC funded, Flood resilience and city planning). Recently, I have been selected for the Frontiers Champion Award (PI, Inclusive and Sustainable Urbanisation), by the Royal Academy of Engineering to conduct a yearlong multi-lateral collaborative research project titled Re-imagining Peripheral Geographies for inclusive urban development in the Global South, focusing on India, Turkey, Mexico, South Africa and Nigeria.