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Micheline Hounjet

Linking science to practice and merging objective data with subjective knowledge have been among the main interests during my career at Deltares and Royal HaskoningDHV. Topics for which modelling is difficult or far from complete are very suitable for combining data with knowledge and expert experiences. This is preferably done in an environment that is more playful and suitable to deal with insecurities. I find that with serious gaming techniques, it is easier to acknowledge that not everything is calculated and known. With this positive approach, we focus on the things that are known and we can find a common ground in that.

Resilience in cities is a topic for which we cannot quantify all aspects yet. Furthermore, it is interpreted differently on a personal level as well. Applying serious gaming techniques to combine calculated data and monitoring data together with local experience and expert knowledge could work very well to build towards further quantification and meaning of resilience. With the resilience strategy design tool STAIN I am currently developing at Royal HaskoningDHV, I would like to achieve that goal.

To be able to do that, I would like to combine the current and future knowledge of the Resilience Engineering Group of the 4TU with the experiences and expert knowledge obtained in STAIN workshops from different international consultancy projects. The resulting STAIN database would be something both research and practice can benefit from: it can be input to help quantify resilience and steps towards quantification will help address resilience in a broader and state-of-the-art perspective to users and stakeholders in STAIN workshops.

As a Resilience Engineering Ambassador I would like to connect with 4TU RE around STAIN and develop a research project in which we both can learn from the STAIN workshop results and the STAIN knowledge database.

I was a Research Fellow in the 4TU.DeSIRE programme.