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Marc Geers visited nine universities in the Midwest

Monday, 11 July 2022
Professor Marc Geers traveled to the US this spring to take the Midwest Mechanics Seminar tour.

Professor Marc Geers was invited to the Midwest Mechanics Seminar

The Midwest Mechanics Seminar is a longstanding seminar series where outstanding researchers from around the world (outside the midwest), working in the broad areas of fluid and solid mechanics, are invited to present their research at several midwestern universities in the United States. The series has been held every year since 1958 except for 1983 and 2020.

Marc Geers, professor of Mechanics of Materials at Eindhoven University of Technology, and member of the Management Team of 4TU.HTM, traveled to the US this spring to take the Midwest Mechanics Seminar tour. He visited nine campuses, was shown around laboratories, dined with colleagues and held nine talks.

“I talked about dynamical and mechanical metamaterials. These are human-made materials with unique, often even counter-intuitive characteristics. Think of material that doesn’t allow a specific type of sound to penetrate.”
Marc Geers
Professor Mechanics of Materials (TU/e)

Geers visited the following universities during his trip: University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Notre Dame, University of Wisconsin Madison, Purdue University, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Illinois Institute of Technology, Iowa State University and University of Minnesota.

When Geers returned his rental car, he had added 2500 kilometers to the odometer and gained a wealth of experience. “I could also have given the nine seminars online if I wanted to, but that wasn’t an option. That way, you don’t get to see anything.”

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