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Call for Funding Requests

Thursday, 14 November 2019
4TU.HTM aims to stimulate and intensify the academic education, research and development on materials through collaboration. Therefore, 4TU.HTM allocated part of its budget for joint materials science activities.

4TU.HTM Funding for

Joint Materials Science Activities 

All¬†4TU researchers in the broad field of materials science who are seeking ways to collaborate can apply for 4TU.HTM funding for Joint Materials Science Activities. In 2019-2021 4TU.HTM has a budget of k‚ā¨ 25 per year for joint initiatives.

Cross-lab activities and joint usage of equipment

Budget is, for example, available for equipment that can be used by various research groups within the 4 TU's.

Other initiatives

Within this framework, limited budget is also available for the organisation of master classes, (international) conferences, symposia, summer schools, graduate courses, cross-lab activities or purchases, and other events or initiatives.The budget ought to be spent on the following type of costs: organisational costs, travelling costs, laboratory costs, etc.

Please share your ideas with us before 1 December, so that we can secure our budget for this purpose

For more information, check our website or contact us!

Request for funding  

For a request for funding, please fill out the request form and send it to to Reina Boerrigter (secretary 4TU.HTM): The management team of 4TU.HTM will grant those proposals that meet the intentions of this call best.