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Academy Advisory Board

The 4TU.RE Centre has since long been working on the OER, our Open Educational Resources Platform and it is thanks to a team of core members that the OER was established and the 4TU.RE Academy had its solid foundation. Currently, the Academy entered a new phase with more focus on embedding and dissemination. On a weekly basis, this will be mostly carried out by the Academy student assistant, under the scientific supervision of Camilo Benitez.

Quarterly a group of involved experts will meet as the core-team, and advice and assist in the next steps : the Academy Advisory Board.

The members are :

  1. Experienced teachers in higher education and currently have an active role in teaching
  2. Teaching experience on the topic of resilience engineering
  3. Demonstrated interest in open education for resilience
  4. Commitment to promoting open education practice and the topic of resilience in education at both the individual and organizational level

And the following members have showed their commitment already: