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Courses & activities

We have concentrated all our educational activities in the Resilience Academy. The Academy will consolidate On-campus education (courses and training modules), Summer and autumn schools and Training for professionals. In addition we offer internships and research visits within 4TU to accelerate the knowledge base, methods and societal impact of Resilience Engineering.

On-campus education

For our on-campus education, we have various ideas to develop courses and training modules on Resilience Engineering at different levels of education. At all these levels we aim to create challenging cases for project-based learning through our strategic partnerships.

Levels of education


  • Educational ‘packages’ that can be used to integrate Resilience Engineering thinking and design in existing programmes.
  • 4TU minor/ exchange module on Resilience Engineering.


  • Resilience Engineering courses at each of the four related universities. These can for example be finished by a joint event for students and stakeholders.
  • Joint Resilience Engineering courses offered at a central location or set-up as distant learning.
  • Integrated MSc-tracks on Resilience Engineering.
  • 4TU MSc-Challenge Lab on Resilience Engineering (challenging MSc-thesis projects from stakeholders).


A scientific educational Resilience Engineering programme (in cooperation with existing research schools) consisting of:

  • Introduction programme for starting PhDs/PDEngs and excellent MSc-students (e.g. honours);
  • Advanced scientific programme for PhDs (in their final stages) and postdocs;
  • Summer schools on different aspects of Resilience Engineering.

Summer and Autumn Schools

4TU RE contributes to summer and autumn school programs for Master and PhD students and/or (young) professionals on different aspects of Resilience Engineering. The aim is to exchange state-of-the-art knowledge, tools, and methodologies on Resilience Engineering. The focus can be on one or more specific fields or application areas and/or specific societal challenges that require an interdisciplinary approach. Moreover, the summer and autumn schools provide excellent opportunities for community building and for strengthening and extending the network on Resilience Engineering.

Autumn 2021 School on Planning and Design for the Just Transition

In Autumn of 2021, the Planning and Design for the Just Transition sessions began. This online autumn school addresses the planning and design of cities and communities for the just transition, bringing together expertise from spatial planning, urban sustainability and resilience, resilience engineering, ethics of resilience and multi-actor systems.

Agent Based Modelling for Resilience

'Agent Based Modelling for Resilience - Making it happen' is the joint ESSA / DeSIRE Summer School aimed at working on resilience of complex systems, varying from engineering systems to social systems to ecological systems. It follows up on the successful ESSA summer schools in Wageningen in 2015 and 2017. Five mixed teams of up to six people (i.e., up to a maximum of 30 participants total) will each work on delivering an operational Agent Based Model (ABM) simulation aimed at addressing a specific research question regarding resilience. 

Training for professionals

4TU RE aims to develop training modules for professional learning and development (Life Long Learning). The idea is to set up these modules in such a way that they can be combined with an extensive Resilience Engineering learning programme.

Training modules may have different forms:

Within our SURF Project Urban Resilience we develop open and online educational resources in the field of Urban Resilience. Some of these materials are also suitable, or specifically developed, for professionals.