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Resilience Engineering


4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering (4TU RE) wants to initiate a Resilience Engineering movement with the ambition to make resilience thinking the backbone of each engineer. It is our ambition that state-of-the-art knowledge, tools and skills on resilience will become part of all engineering educational programmes.  

We want to create awareness of resilience within society. And train professionals across different fields and application areas on various aspects of resilience of social-technical-environmental systems.

We have concentrated all our educational activities in the Resilience Academy. The Academy will consolidate courses, webinars, summer schools and offer internships and research visits within 4TU to accelerate the knowledge base, methods and societal impact of Resilience Engineering.

One of these projects, the SURF project Urban Resilience, aims to develop, publish and use Open Educational Resources (OER) on Urban Resilience. The goal is to educate the future generation of resilience engineers to be able to plan and design systems that are resilient to shocks, while being adaptive to changing trends and innovation.