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11 Sep 2020
Extra call for resilience fellows: WUR and TU/e
Extra call for Resilience Fellows exclusively for WUR and TU/e! The application deadline is October 30, 2020.
9 Sep 2020
Tina Comes new scientific director at the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering
Dr. Tina Comes - Associate Professor on Resilience Decisions at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at the TU Delft - is the new Scientific Director of the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering (4TU RE). She takes over from Professor David Smeulders (Eindhoven University of Technology).
31 Aug 2020
Share your 4TU RE resources!
With the launch of our new 4TU RE website at the beginning of this year, the brand new repository was also launched. On this page, you will find different types of open resources concerning resilience.
3 Jul 2020
Newsletter Joint International Resilience Conference
A newsletter with the latest updates on the conference has been published, check it out here!
18 Jun 2020
Newsletter June 2020
A new newsletter has been published, check it out here!
1 Jun 2020
Fellowship Programme update
To create international impact, the DeSIRE programme features a Fellowship Programme. This programme enables 4TU researchers with an interest in resilience of social-environmental-technical systems to invite and cooperate with junior and senior researchers from around the world. Calls for applications are launched on a regular basis (once or twice a year). Our ambition is to have a group of 100 Resilience fellows (including a couple of appointed ambassadors) by the end of 2022. These fellows and ambassadors are invited for our events and play a key role in advancing and spreading our new knowledge, approaches, tools and ideas about resilience engineering.
12 May 2020
Update Joint International Resilience Conference 2020
It is our wish to provide as much clarity for all those involved and interested in the upcoming Joint International Resilience Conference. For this reason, we have decided that the conference will take place online. If possible, we might combine it with small local gatherings. Following this, the final deadline for abstract submission has been moved to the end of June.
17 Apr 2020
Newsletter April 2020
A new newsletter has been sent out, check it out here!
2 Apr 2020
First online SURF General Meeting
The 4TU’s Open Educational Resources for Urban Resilience Project (SURF OER Project) hosted its first in a series of four feedback and community building events on April 2nd with the University of Twente community. During the interactive online General Meeting, fifteen 4TU. RE members and those new to the 4TU. RE community provided user input on for the OER platform and to the ongoing process of building a conceptual framework for 4TU. Resilience Engineering.
24 Mar 2020
Call for abstracts Joint International Resilience Conference 2020 has opened
It is unbelievable how our daily life has changed in the last weeks. The impact of the corona virus is immense. As we are struggling to keep up with the latest numbers, our plans and decisions are fraught with uncertainty. How long will this situation last? How will we recover? Are we prepared and resilient enough? As resilience scientists, this keeps going through our minds.
13 Mar 2020
4TU RE researchers awarded with European project on the response to the Corona-virus outbreak
Our 4TU.RE Scientific Vice Director Tina Comes and Resilience Fellow Harith Alani will start working on the HERoS project (Health Emergency Response in interconnected Systems), dedicated to understanding the system-wide implications of the Corona outbreak. The 3-year project is coordinated by Hanken School of Economics, Finland. The HERoS project will focus on a better understanding of the development of the outbreak, and the role of coordination, information, and rippling effects across (medical) supply chains.
6 Mar 2020
Application for Resilience Fellow is open!
Application for Resilience Fellow is open!
5 Mar 2020
Tatiana Filatova appointed as Professor of Computational Economics
Tatiana Filatova has been appointed Professor of ‘Computational Economics’ at the Faculty of Behavior, Management and Social Sciences. She will be giving an inaugural lecture in the Waaier building, at 16.00 precisely on Thursday 5 March 2020 to mark the occasion of her appointment. Linked to this inaugural lecture is a Symposium ‘Climate Change Calls for Action: Resilience and Adaptation to Unprecedented Extremes’.
10 Feb 2020
Sanda Lenzholzer appointed as Professor Landscape Architecture
The executive board of Wageningen University & Research has appointed Sanda Lenzholzer as Professor and Chair Landscape Architecture. She succeeds prof. Adri van den Brink who has retired. Her new position started as per 1 February 2020. Read the WUR article.
29 Jan 2020
4TU RE in education
“It would be great if in a couple of years Resilience Engineering (RE) is embedded in the 4TU educational programs. We really want to connect research and education. All engineers should understand RE challenges, both from an engineering and a social point of view.” Tina Comes tells about the new 4TU RE - SURF project. This project aims to develop, publish and use Open Educational Resources (OER) on Urban Resilience. Read the ‘People in the Picture’ interview with Tina.