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17 Dec 2019
Newsletter December 2019
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24 Oct 2019
23 Oct 2019
4TU takes action for ‘high tech for a sustainable future’
The 4TU.Federation presented five new educational programmes in The Hague yesterday. 22 million euros were allocated for the realisation of the initiative. A total of 44 tenure trackers and 29 postdocs are working on the research cores. The overarching theme is ā€˜high tech for a sustainable futureā€™. Read the U-Today article.
10 Sep 2019
ISNGI 2019
ISNGI 2019 is an initiative of the SMART Infrastructure Facility (NLD) and our host partners University College London (UK), University of Oxford (UK), University of Virginia (US) and Delft University of Technology (NLD). Furthermore, for every edition of the Symposium there are local partners that are part of the organization of this event. In this opportunity the Argentine Centre of Engineers is our local partner.
5 Sep 2019
Newsletter September 2019
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30 Aug 2019
Climate Resilient Transport Networks Webinar
Rijkswaterstaat in cooperation with ProRail offers a webinar on Climate Resilient Transport Networks on September 19th 2019 from 15.00 to 16.30 hours.
20 Aug 2019
100 Resilience Fellows
The 4TU.DeSIRE program and the 4TU.RE Center aim to establish and foster an international network of top-level academic scholars, engineers, practitioners and decision-makers who serve as ambassadors of the RE paradigm. This network of Resilience Fellows:
26 Jul 2019
New PhD Position at Delft University of Technology
The Intelligent Electrical Power Grids (IEPG) section within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at TU Delft has a very ambitious and diversified research programme covering major technological challenges concerning the operation and planning of future power grids. IEPG is building a new research programme on resilience of cyber-physical energy systems that includes cyber security for power grids. The doctoral candidate will conduct research on cyber security and resilience of cyber-physical energy systems to cyber attacks.
15 Jul 2019
Newsletter July 2019
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18 Jun 2019
Conference on Climate Change
Climate Change 2019 (21, 22 October, Las Vegas, USA) will focus on the theme "A Dream to build a planet free of climatic risks". This conference aims in gathering the eminent research communities to catalyse for information exchange and networking between researchers and business entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds for advancement in the field of Climate Change and its allied areas.
18 Jun 2019
New Postdoc position
New Postdoc position in the disaster risk managment/ resilience field! Interested? Have a look at!/922747/postdoc-geoinformatics-for-disaster-damage-and-recovery-assessment
4 Jun 2019
Prof. Neelke Doorn (TU Delft) receives Vidi Grant
Professor Neelke Doorn (TU Delft) received a Vidi Grant worth ā‚¬ 800,000 for her research ā€˜Responsibility for resilience in climate adaptationā€™. This research is about the responsibility of citizens in climate adaptation policy. Citizens are increasingly expected to take responsibility for resilience to climate change. Neelke will use the grant to spend the next five years to develop an ethical theory and study the extent to which civic responsibility can be shared fairly and effectively in climate adaptation policy. She hopes that this project will pave the way for climate policy that is not only effective, but also fair in the sense that everyone will benefit, not just highly educated people.
4 Jun 2019
Royal Honour for Prof. Jan Dirk Jansen
Professor Jan Dirk Jansen, Dean and Professor of Reservoir Systems and Control at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG), has received the Royal honour for his contributions to Earth Sciences research in the Netherlands and his talent for bringing together science and wider society. With that he has been made a Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion.
23 May 2019
ISESH 2019
International Science and Engineering Applications Symposium on Hazards 2019 (ISESH2019) is a global platform to discuss and learn about factors, causes and consequences of different types of hazards.
21 May 2019
DMDU2019 conference
Join us for a session on Resilience Engineering at the DMDU2019 conference in Delft, November 5-7 and submit an abstract for our Track ā€œFinding the Tipping Point. Deep Uncertainty for Resilience Engineering in Complex & Coupled Systems.ā€ Submission deadline: June 15 via the conference website.