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NWO-VIDI of 800,000 euros for Tatiana Filatova

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Tatiana Filatova, Member of our 4TU RE Scientific Steering Group and DeSIRE Programme Leader has been awarded a Vidi grant of 800,000 euros by the Dutch Research Council (NWO). This grant will enable her to strengthen her own, innovative line of research and set up a competitive research team over the next five years. Our congratulations to Tatiana! 

Social tipping points
The ambition of Tatiana’s Vidi project is to gain a fundamental understanding of social tipping points in climate change adaptation. It will develop methods and computational models that account for socio-economic dynamics in models for climate change adaptation and better inform climate adaptation policy assessments.

NWO Talent Programme
Vidi is aimed at experienced researchers who have carried out successful research for a number of years after obtaining their PhDs. Together with Veni and Vici, Vidi is part of the NWO Talent Programme. NWO selects researchers based on the quality of the researcher, the innovative character of the research, the expected scientific impact of the research proposal and the possibilities for knowledge use.

For more information, please check the 4TU News announcement.