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Living dikes will come alive

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

We are very pleased to announce that Bas Borsje, Associate Professor Nature-based Flood Protection, received a NWA-ORC grant of 1.9 million euro to start working on the Living Dikes project. Living dikes are a promising way to climate‐proof our coast. These dikes consist of a soft foreland and a green dike, thereby slowing down the waves and reducing the wave load on the dikes. This research facilitates the construction of living dikes by weighing interests, testing living dikes under extreme conditions and formulating design rules to be applied by end‐users.

Bas will be working together with 33 differtent partners. Job openings for 5 PhDs and 2 Postdoc positions will follow soon.

Photo courtesy of Edwin Paree (source)