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11 Nov 2021
4TU HTSF 2021-call: three themes selected
The deans of the 4 TU’s have selected the themes of the High Tech for a Sustainable Future (HTSF) 2021-call: ‘Materials and high-tech sensing technologies for the ageing built environment’ (1); ‘Low-cost sensing technologies for health’ (2) and ‘Sociotechnical approaches towards data-driven sustainable food systems’ (3). The purpose of the HTSF call is to challenge researchers to develop high tech solutions for the societal challenges we are facing.
8 Nov 2021
A naturally biodegradable alternative to microplastics
A naturally biodegradable alternative to microplastics in e.g. body scrubs and detergents. That is what Iamfluidics, a spin-off from the University of Twente, is in the process of developing.
26 Oct 2021
CryoCOP wins 4TU Carbon Removal Student Challenge
Student team CryoCOP has won the 4TU Carbon Removal Student Award with their innovative idea that helps to rebalance the earth’s carbon cycle. CryoCOP aims to develop a technology that can perform in a carbon-negative way. Their idea is to 'capture pure CO2 using a cryogenic process at a disruptively low price'. CryoCOP has beaten the other finalists MIONA and NYMPHAE in the Dutch student competition organized by the 4TU.Federation.
25 Oct 2021
TU Delft spin-off develops materials of the future with NanoPrinter
VSParticle, a TU Delft spin-off, develops a printer that spits out almost any kind of conceivable new material in a few minutes. It is a revolutionary advancement in research that should boost innovations.
11 Oct 2021
Every amateur match looking like a Champions League final
From now on, any livestream sports event can look like a directed TV broadcast. Studio Automated, a TNO-spin-off, transforms an integral image into an exciting montage using AI and computer vision.
4 Oct 2021
New 4TU.Health centre puts medical & health technology on the map
From now on, the four universities of technology in the Netherlands are combining their knowledge and expertise in the field of medical & health technology in a new 4TU centre: 4TU.Health. The ambition for this centre is to be a strategic discussion partner in the field of health and care with regard to designing solutions for tomorrow’s health & care challenges. Technology is one of the keys in solutions for ensuring our healthcare remains sufficiently staffed and affordable.
30 Aug 2021
4TU HTSF 2021 - Call for Expressions of Interest now open!
Do you want to collaborate with your 4TU colleagues and make societal impact? Then submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) for the HTSF call 2021!
15 Jul 2021
Preventing knee osteoarthritis with high-tech glue
Hy2Care, a spin-off of the University of Twente in the Netherlands, is developing a special gel to repair cartilage in knees. This should improve the quality of life for a lot of young patients.
12 Jul 2021
Pre-announcement HTSF Call 2021
The 4TU.Federation, made up of the four Universities of Technology of the Netherlands, is committed to strengthening and pooling technological knowledge in the Netherlands. The first edition of the HTSF programme was shaped around these ambitions and will end in December 2022. The 4TU.Federation now aims to award a new set of theme based research programmes through the next call.
6 Jul 2021
Out now: 4TU Career Special Edition #3
Check out now: the new edition of the 4TU Career Special. Full of tips on applying, do’s and don’ts, stories about job hunting in corona time, articles about young entrepreneurs and columns that make you think.
1 Jul 2021
4TU Interview | The soft touch of future robots
The team of the HTSF Soft Robotics programme are working on soft robots that are safer and better equipped to function in a human environment. This is a new specialisation that involves many fields of expertise.
15 Jun 2021
4TU.techtalk #5 | Working together on resilient cities
The City of The Hague is collaborating with the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering to better prepare for the future. But what exactly is resilience, and what are the main challenges to address? How do you address these most efficiently?
19 Apr 2021
Optical chips for better use of existing fibre network
EFFECT Photonics - a spin-off from TU Eindhoven - makes optical chips for telecommunications. These chips allow more data to be sent simultaneously over a fiber optic network. This prevents cities to lay more and more glass cable. A good development now that the 5G network is taking shape and extra bandwidth is required.
8 Apr 2021
Boost circular economy with fatty acids WUR spin-off
The spin-off of the spin-off | ChainCraft B.V., a spin-off of Wageningen University & Research, makes sustainable and fully circular fatty acids. The raw material is used in various products, from healthier animal feed to sustainable plastics. This is a big step towards a circular economy.
25 Mar 2021
4TU.techtalk#4 | Ethics of technology
Which ethical dilemmas are at play in today's data-driven world? And how can companies deal with this in a responsible way? In 4TU.techtalk #4 Karin Bos of Achmea and Philip Brey of the University of Twente discuss this topic.