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New 4TU.Energy video

Friday, 18 March 2022

The four technical universities of the Netherlands cooperate on different energy topics to accelerate towards a carbon neutral society. In a series of videos, leading scientists from TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, Twente University and Wageningen University and Research explain which technology they are working on and how they are collaborating on research and infrastructure to accelerate the energy transition.

In video #3 Harry Bitter WUR, Michael Boot TU/e and Wiebren de Jong TUD highlight the possibilities of biomass in the transition to clean energy.

Three leading scientist share their stories. First, Harry Bitter (WUR) stresses that to keep the planet habitable with the same standards of wealth, the energy transition needs to move from fossil sources to renewable sources. He further explains that by using biomass they can create an energy efficient fuel. Next, Michael Boot (TU/e) goes on to show how residual biomass, such as paper, can be turned into a black oil that is more sustainable than fossil oils. Lastly, Wiebren de Jong (TUD) is working with a group to create integrated systems for energy storage and biomass conversion. Overall, these renewable biomass conversion technologies are to be more consistent than, for example, the fluctuating solar and wind energy. Together, the universities of technology share their knowledge and facilities to accelerate the process of finding the optimal integration.