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High Tech for a Sustainable Future

Within the theme 'High Tech for a Sustainable Future' (HTSF), the 4TU.Federation firmly stimulates research into sustainable technology. It is a thematic capacity building programme aimed at attracting new scientific talent and finding answers to societal challenges.

In 2018, the first five programmes within HTSF were awarded funding. The multidisciplinary teams of Precision Medicine, Pride & Prejudice, DeSIRE, Plantenna and Soft Robotics address research on personalised medicine, disease prevention and treatment, smart industry, resilient societies and global food demand. With the recruitment of 44 tenure trackers, permanent scientific staff, 4TU invests in research for the long term. The aim is for the researchers to set up their own research projects within the themes, to attract funding and to hire PhDs.

HTSF programme

The goal of the High Tech for a Sustainable Future (HTSF) programme is to stimulate structural and sustainable collaborative theme-oriented research between the four technical universities on topics that require 4TU collaboration and for which it is currently more difficult to acquire funding externally (i.e. new or high risk topics). The societal relevant research programmes attract and develop new and diverse talent for the four TU’s and aim to deliver societal impact through scientific breakthroughs. After a funded start-up period of five years, research should continue without 4TU.Federation funding. The programmes strive to increase visibility and impact of the 4TU.Federation in society.

HTSF call 2021

In early September 2021, all scientists at the four universities have been invited to submit ideas for a new round of HTSF. The call for proposals is now open. Read more