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4TU presents second opinion sustainability aviation to Dutch House of Representatives

Monday, 7 March 2022

On 17 February, Minister Harbers presented a second opinion on the subject of sustainable aviation, drawn up by 4TU, to the Dutch House of Representatives. In the second opinion, three Full Professors of the universities of technology discuss the fact sheet 'Future of sustainable aviation: an update'. This fact sheet (an update of an existing document) by Paul Peeters (Breda University of Applied Sciences) and Joris Melkert (TU Delft) was presented in the Dutch House of Representatives during the Aviation Committee debate in June 2021.  

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management commissioned the 4TU Federation to write an independent second opinion. Three expert professors, Prof. Henri Werij (TU Delft), Prof. Richard van de Sanden (TU Eindhoven) and Prof. Harry Hoeijmakers (University of Twente), react to the seven main messages from the fact sheet, which are about growth in aviation, developments in aircraft technology, the use of sustainable aviation fuels and the urgency of sustainable aviation.   

The 4TU Commission endorses most of the main messages as presented by Melkert and Peeters. A great deal still needs to be done to make aviation sustainable, both in terms of research and the realisation and certification of new aircraft, engines and fuels, while the need to make it more sustainable is becoming increasingly urgent. The Committee does note, however, that things are changing: governments and aviation organisations have formulated sharper objectives and the industry is taking concrete steps. The Committee calls on politicians to take responsibility for making the political choices necessary to achieve a sustainable society and sustainable aviation.