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Succes of the first National Engineering Deans Day

Friday, 2 September 2022

On Friday, September 1, the engineering deans of the four TUs and the RUG met in the Omnia building of the WUR to discuss the challenges in the engineering sciences and how the engineering domain can be further strengthened in both the research and education fields. The day was successful, partly because of the high attendance and partly because there was input from different faculties.

There was a plenary program where there were presentations from the Engineering Deans Consultation, the NWO domain applied and technical sciences (TTW), the Civil Engineering Council and the Mechanical Engineering Council. In between sessions, attendees broke up into small groups to delve deeper.

One of the concrete actions that the engineering deans will work on is the development of a sector plan for engineering sciences that will include both the constructive engineering sciences and the design engineering sciences. There is a severe shortage of these engineers, who are so desperately needed to realize the transitions we face as a society.

The enthusiasm was so great, that a resounding yes was given to the idea of 4TU secretary Marjolein Dohmen-Janssen to always organize a National Engineering Day on the Thursday before the start of the academic year, from now on.