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2 Oct 2023
Resilience Reflections: Speak each other's language
The latest Resilience Reflections article is now available online.
21 Sep 2023
Newsletter September 2023
September's edition of our newsletter has just been published, check it out here!
8 Sep 2023
How leaving your mono-disciplinary comfort zone bears fruit
“I think it’s important that we are on the same page when it comes to understanding resilience and it’s a major inspiration for my scientific work. To me, a resilient system is a system that can handle stress, and has the ability to evolve. This system has robustness against some level of stress and is able to adapt after disruptive events took place.”
6 Sep 2023
Resilience Experts Wanted – Survey
Resilience is a multifaceted concept present in various disciplines, including engineering, finance, policymaking, and psychology. Researchers from the Future Resilient Systems II of the Singapore-ETH Center – Dr. Sandra Andraszewicz and Dr. Adam Roberts would like to obtain your opinion about the meaning of resilience, based on your expertise and experience.
16 Jun 2023
Newsletter June 2023
June's edition of our newsletter has just been published, check it out here!
8 Jun 2023
Looking back at the HTSF Crossover event 9 June 2023
In the High Tech for a Sustainable Future (HTSF) capacity building programmes of our four technical universities, talented researchers work on society-relevant themes such as sustainable agriculture, personalised medicine and a heatless, green city.
8 Jun 2023
Ready, steady, educate! Cooking up Open Educational Resources (OER) project has started
The first workshop to expand our Resilience Engineering Academy’s Open Educational Resources (OER) took place in May and marked the official start of the “Cooking up OER” project. Participants worked with storytelling skills, presenting and scripting for videos, with the help of Naomi Wahls, learning developer at the TU Delft. The workshop was hosted by TU Delft’s New Media Centre, where also the recording of the videos will take place.
2 Jun 2023
DeSIRE funded project aims to develop new monitoring strategies for bridges
Like the MX3D bridge in Amsterdam, opened by Her Majesty Queen Måxima in 2021, one of the bridges on the University of Twente campus is equipped with a sophisticated network of sensors. Roland Kromanis is currently working with colleagues applying and calibrating the sensors on the UT campus bridge to measure its performance and, hence, resilience to its daily excitations.
13 May 2023
Florence Metz receives Professor de Winter Award
We are thrilled to share that one of our DeSIRE members, Florence Metz, an assistant professor of Governance Resilience at University of Twente, has won the Professor de Winter Award for her publication in the American Journal of Political Science.
29 Mar 2023
Wieke Pot appointed as member Dutch Scientific Climate Council
On the recommendation of Minister Jetten for Climate and Energy, the Dutch government has approved the appointment of nine new members of the Scientific Climate Council (WKR) as of 15 April 2023.
20 Mar 2023
Newsletter March 2023
March's edition of our newsletter has just been published, check it out here!
16 Mar 2023
DeSIRE programme has proved to benefit academic careers
The 4TU.DeSIRE programme is winding down before its formal end on June 9 2023. However, its legacy will continue within the Resilience Engineering community. Not only yielded the programme an impressive amount of scientific work, the attention that went into capacity-building of early-career researchers laid the foundation of a flourishing academic community.
1 Mar 2023
LinkedIn… and action: Like, comment, share, write, post!
Don’t want to disappear into a LinkedIn rabbit hole? This article discusses best practices for your actions on LinkedIn, such as liking, commenting, sharing posts and writing your own content on LinkedIn. In addition, you will also read about timing and what to do after posting. The following tips are aimed at improving the reach of your posts, that is to say, to improve the number of people that will see your post and future posts. This helps you to build your online visibility and offers new opportunities for collaborations.
8 Feb 2023
Call for Abstracts ICRS 2023
The call for abstracts for the 2023 International Conference on Resilient Systems is now open. Professionals working in the field of resilience as academics, policymakers or practitioners are very welcome to submit their abstracts.
7 Feb 2023
Open Educational Resources platform receives funding
The “Cooking up Open Education Resources for the Resilience Engineering Community” project receives a TU Delft Open Education Stimulation Fund 2022. Camilo Benitez and colleagues have successfully applied for this fund to continue developing the Open Educational Resources of the 4TU.Resilience Engineering community.